Divi Plugins extend the functionality and features of the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes.

Divi Plugins and Modules

Our Divi Plugins are custom WordPress plugins developed specifically for the Divi theme by Elegant Themes, extending the functionality and features of the Divi theme. Divi Plugins are also easy to use. Simply install one of our plugins and you’ll find new modules within the Divi page builder. You can use the new modules just like you use the default modules that come pre-loaded with the Divi theme. And just like the default Divi modules, our plugins are easily configured in the module settings.

Divi Plugins are also consistently updated to work with the latest version of the Divi theme. So what are you waiting for? Stop spending countless hours in the Elegant Themes support forum! Download a Divi Plugin and super charge your Divi website with new modules!


Best Selling Divi Plugins

Divi Module Builder Divi Plugin

Divi FilterGrid

The Divi FilterGrid plugin is in a league of its own – built on the powerful and flexible CSS Grid system to give you complete control of how your posts and custom post types are displayed in Divi. This alone would make a great plugin. But we didn’t stop there.

It also comes with these powerful features:

  • Multiple query and filter options to meet any skill level or project requirement
  • Multiple ajax pagination options to increase page load speed
  • Easily control the number of grid columns for each screen size
  • Skins allow you to change the appearance of each item in the grid with a single click
  • Custom Content filter to add static or dynamic content to each grid item
  • 100% compatible with the Visual Builder and live preview
Divi Module Builder Divi Plugin

Divi Module Builder

The Divi Module Builder opens up a whole new realm of possibilities within the Divi theme. Tired of using shortcodes? Wish there were more modules to choose from in the Divi Builder? Looking for an easy way to create your own custom modules for yourself or your clients? Look no further.

It also comes with these powerful features:

  • Easily create your own custom modules in just a few minutes
  • New modules instantly become available within the Divi Builder
  • Add multiple field types that can be customized within the created module
  • Add HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript to your modules
  • Import and Export your modules to other sites
Portfolio Posts Pro Divi Plugin

Owl Carousel Pro

The Owl Carousel Pro plugin adds two new carousel modules to the Divi Builder. The Owl Carousel module will automatically find available content (posts, products, and other custom post types), giving you the ability to choose which content to display in a carousel. The Owl Image Carousel module allows you to manually upload multiple images from your library or computer with the option to add text below each image using the WordPress text editor.

It also comes with these great features:

  • Open the image or Featured Image in a lightbox popup
  • Open URL other than the post URL
  • Display custom fields from the post
  • Change the thumbnail size of the images
  • Change the number of images displayed at one time
Portfolio Posts Pro Divi Plugin

Portfolio Posts Pro

The Portfolio Posts Pro plugin adds three new portfolio modules to the Divi Builder. These new modules are similar to the default portfolio modules that come with Divi but our modules are not limited to projects. They can be used with posts and any custom post type on your website. The plugin will automatically find available content, giving you the ability to display the content in a grid, carousel, list, or fullwidth layout.

It also comes with these great features:

  • Open the post in a popup window (videos, galleries, sliders, etc.)
  • Open the Featured Image in a lightbox popup
  • Open URL other than the post URL
  • Display custom fields from the post
Advanced Blurbs Plugin

Advanced Blurbs

The Advanced Blurbs Divi Plugin adds a new blurb module to the Divi Builder. This new blurb module replaces the default Divi theme icons with the Font Awesome collection of over 600 icons. In addition to Font Awesome icons, the plugin also adds new animations: shake, spin, bounce, flash and pulse. You can load the animation on page load, on hover or continuously. If you were looking to add Font Awesome icons to the Divi blurb module, look no further!

Divi Plugins Features


Need help? We’re here for you


Dedicated to fixing bugs


100% compatible with Divi


Constantly adding new goodies


Use our plugins on as many sites as you want


Need a plugin customized? We offer that too


Great plugin, does exactly what’s expected and what DIVI does not include in the theme 🙂 Happiness
Works like a charm. What a life safer! Thank you!!


I spent nearly an entire day researching how to make a client’s portfolio open in lightbox…I literally installed this plugin, clicked two buttons, and ended up with EXACTLY what I was looking for! My only regret in purchasing this plugin, is that I hadn’t found it before I wasted an entire day of my life. THANK YOU!


Absolutely fantastic. We had a slight bug with how our site was set up which was due to our hosting, but Brad gave us the steps and even investigated into the site himself. The support time was amazing, like no other plugin developer out there. Had this issue fixed within 48 hours, absolutely fantastic! Totally recommend this plugin, it’s really simple to use. Great plugin made by a Great Developer!


I just stuck your plugin into my Divi ♥ Licious site and POW! – Instant Coolness. I was debating converting the posts I already had to projects or give your plugin a try. I’m glad I tried your plugin; love it.


Divi Modules

In addition to standalone plugins that instantly add new modules to Divi, we also offer simple modules that can be imported into Divi using our Divi Module Builder or Divi Module Importer plugins. These modules are great for adding simple or complex layouts without having to use shortcodes. And with the Divi Module Builder plugin, you can modify them to create a layout exactly how you need it!

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