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Divi Carousel Plugins

Divi Plugins Owl Carousel


Free Version

The Owl Carousel plugin is a free plugin that adds a carousel module to the Divi page builder with the following features:

  • Adds a post carousel module to Divi page builder.
  • Select the number of posts you want to display.
  • Option to offset posts by any number.
  • Select the categories you want to display.
  • Choose the post elements to display (featured image, title, category, date, excerpt).
  • Option to display left/right arrows and control dots.
  • Auto Rotate options (on/off, rotate speed, pause on hover).
  • Mobile responsive.
Divi Plugins Owl Carousel Pro


Additional Features

The Owl Carousel Pro plugin includes support along with a long list of additional features including:

  • Ability to display any Custom Post Type (CPT).
  • Adds additional module to display images from your Media Library.
  • Option to display featured images or images from library in a lightbox or lightbox gallery.
  • Option to remove current post
  • Option to include/exclude posts by taxonomy
  • Order By option (date, title, slug, random).
  • Custom Query option gives you complete control of query arguements using a filter.
  • Display custom fields and optional label for each custom field.
  • Option to display custom content using a filter.
  • Option for thumbnail navigation.
  • Several options to control carousel behavior.
  • Lazy load images.
  • Choose image size to load in carousel.
  • Choose the number of items to display in the carousel at one time.
  • Control the distance between each item in the carousel.

Carousel Features


Mobile responsive
Display posts
Display Custom Post Types
Carousel of images from Media Library
Choose categories
Choose post elements to display
Control number of posts in carousel
Offset posts
Remove current post
Auto Rotate Option
Control Auto Rotate speed
Display arrows and controls
Replace control dots with thumbnail navigation
Open images in lightbox
Open images in lightbox gallery
Custom Query option
Display custom fields
Display custom content
Include/Exclude posts by taxonomy
Order By options
Lazy load images
Choose image size
Choose number of items to display at one time
Control distance between each item in carousel
Change number of items to slide when arrows clicked
Change number of items to slide when controls clicked
Option to rewind or end carousel when last item reached
Center the first item in the carousel
Auto Width option to display full width of images
Arrow and control size options (small, medium, large)
Independently change Auto Rotate, arrow and control animation speed

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