The Divi theme comes with an excellent filterable portfolio module (that we’ve extended to to work with any custom post type with our Portfolio Posts Pro plugin). The module works by creating filter buttons for each category. Clicking on a category shows only the items in that category.

By default, the first filter button is “All”, which shows all categories. But we can modify this behavior using a custom jQuery function. You can add the following code either to your footer.php file just before the closing </body> tag or in the WordPress dashboard in the Divi->Theme Options->Integration->Add code to the < body > (good for tracking codes such as google analytics):

In this function, we’re triggering a click on the first category button after the “All” button. To trigger it on a different category, you can change eq(1) to a different number in the code above. Also notice we are wrapping our trigger function inside of a timeout function of 500 milliseconds. This is to give Divi time to run through the initial javascript functions that come with Divi. Otherwise our function would run first and then get overwritten by Divi’s function. You may need to increase the 500 value if it’s not working for you.

If you want to hide the “All” button, you can add the following to your Custom CSS section or child theme stylesheet:

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