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Media Library

This document explains how to use the Divi AI Images plugin within the Media Library interface. The interface and options are slightly different than the interface displayed within the default Divi modules. Please read over the sections below carefully if you are having issues. If you still need help, please submit a support ticket.

To access the Divi AI Images interface from your WordPress dashboard, go to the Media menu in the left sidebar and click on Divi AI Images. You can also go to your Media -> Library page and click on the Divi AI Images button at the top of the page.

The rest of this documentation assumes you have already entered your API key(s) and have read the documentation for generating images. If you need help with this, please refer to the Getting Started documentation.

Image Actions

Once you are on the Divi AI Images page and have generated or searched for images, the images will appear in the Search Results section in the top right corner of the page. Hovering over these images will reveal three action icons:

  • Import
  • Download
  • Fullscreen (zoom)


Clicking on the import icon will import the image into your Media Library. Imported images will be displayed in the Imported Images section in the left column. From the Imported Images section they can be downloaded or removed. Removing an image will remove it from the Imported Images section AND from your Media Library.

For generated images, the pixel size and dimensions of the imported image will be the size you selected before clicking the Search / Generate Images button. For Unsplash images, the size cannot be set and will be determined by the size of the image uploaded to Unsplash.

The file size of the image will depend on the image dimensions, the Compression Quality value set in the Divi AI Images settings page, and the level of detail in the image. Default compression is 60%. Increasing the compression quality will produce a sharper image but will also produce a larger file size.


Clicking on the download icon will open the image in a new tab. From here you can right click on the image and save the image to your computer.


Clicking on the fullscreen icon will open the image in full size in a lightbox window to see more detail.



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