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Media Taxonomy Filters

Our Divi Dynamic Gallery plugin and Divi FilterGrid plugin are both capable of displaying and filtering items from your Media Library. However, by default WordPress does not add taxonomies to media. It would have been bad practice to include the ability to add these taxonomies within our plugins. If at any point you decided to deactivate our plugins and use a different plugin for displaying your media, those taxonomies would have been removed.

A better option is to add media taxonomies manually or using a separate plugin. Below are two free plugins you can use to add media taxonomies to your site.

Media Taxonomies Plugin

Our own Media Taxonomies plugin adds two taxonomies to your media:

  • Media Category
  • Media Tag

This is a very simple plugin with minimal code. There are no options or even an admin page for settings. Once activated, it will add the two taxonomies above and assign them to the “attachment” post type (media).

CPTUI Plugin

If you need more control over the taxonomies or would like to include more than two, the CPTUI plugin is a very good option and is also free. This plugin is much more advanced than our Media Taxonomies plugin. Please contact their support if you need help using it.

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