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Getting Started

This document explains the basic concepts and usage instructions for the Divi Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

Once the plugin is installed on your Divi WordPress site, several new modules will become available in the Divi builder and can be added to any layout. Some of these modules, like the Download Elements and Download Tabs modules, will display data from a single download. Other modules, like the Downloads and Cart modules, will display multiple downloads or core pages.

Module Placement

Because of the nature of how Divi and Easy Digital Downloads function, there are multiple locations you can add the modules. For example, the single download modules can be added to the builder by editing a single module or by creating a Divi Theme Builder template for single downloads. The downloads module can be added to the downloads page or by creating a template for the downloads page in the Divi Theme Builder.

We highly recommend adding the modules to the Divi Theme Builder. Adding them anywhere else can have mixed results.


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