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Archive Page Query

This document explains how to use the Archive Page query type available in the Content tab of the Divi FilterGrid plugin.

The Archive Page query type can be added to any archive or search template within the Divi Theme Builder. This query type will detect which type of page is loaded and will display the correct results. For example, if the module is added to a category archive page with the Archive Page query type selected, visiting any of the category pages on your site will display posts from the current category in the grid.

If the module is added to a search page with the Archive Page query type selected, the module will detect the query string and will display results based on the search results.


The filters created by the Archive Page query type will default to all post categories. You’ll need to manually choose which taxonomies and which terms you want to display in the filters. You can also dynamically generate the filters using custom filters.

The search results are generated by the built-in WordPress search function. It is not currently possible to modify the functionality of the search results (search by custom field for example) or integrate a 3rd party search plugin with the search results.


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