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Custom Query

This document explains how to use the Custom query type available in the Content tab of the Divi FilterGrid plugin.

Once the Custom query type option is selected, the module will look in the child theme’s functions.php file for the following filters:


Below is a basic example of how to use the filter:

The query created by this filter will be used on every instance of the module that has the Custom query type selected.
You can also use different queries for different modules. For this we’ll need to modify our filter and function to get the module’s CSS ID set in the Advanced tab of the module:

In addition to using the module’s ID, you can also use the module’s Admin Label or Class.

Admin Label – found at the bottom of the module’s Content tab:


Class – found at the top of the Advanced tab:


More complex examples can be found in this tutorial. There is also an alter filter hook available that will allow you to alter or add query parameters without completely overriding the query.

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