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Custom URLs

This document explains how to use the Use Custom URLs option available in the Content tab of the Divi FilterGrid plugin. Turning this toggle on in the module’s settings will reveal a new Custom Field for URL input below the toggle. Here you will insert the custom field name that contains the custom URL for each post.

Once this option is enabled, any posts that have the custom field defined above will link to the URL value set for that field. Any posts that do not have the custom field will link to the post.

For example, after turning on the Use Custom URLs option in the module’s settings we could add the custom field name my_custom_url in the Custom Field for URL input. Save the module and page and edit one of the posts displayed by the module. On this post, add a new custom field. The custom field name will be my_custom_url. The custom field value can be any URL but needs to include http(s) such as

Now go back to the page where the Divi FilterGrid module is displayed and refresh the page. Click on the post that you added the custom URL to in the steps above. It should now link to

All other posts displayed by the module should still link to the post. To change this, you will need to add the same custom field to each post and the corresponding URL you would like that post to link to.

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