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Query Type

This document explains how to use the Query Type option available in the Content tab of the Divi FilterGrid plugin.

The Divi FilterGrid plugin offers seven query types:

  • Basic – The Basic query type is the default option and is limited to displaying posts in the grid and post categories in the filters.
  • Advanced – The Advanced query type allows you to display any custom post type in the grid and any taxonomy in the filters.
  • Archive Page – The Archive Page query type can be used on archive, category, author, and search pages.
  • Related Posts – The Related Posts query type will display posts with the same terms as the current post.
  • Manual – The Manual query type allows you to enter a comma-separated list of post or page IDs.
  • Custom – The Custom query type allows you to create your own complex query using a filter.
  • Third Party Integration – The Third Party Integration type allows you to use the query generated by third party plugins.

* Click on any of the query types above for more information about that type.

** In addition to the query types above, there is also an alter filter hook that will allow you to modify the query. This filter hook allows you to alter or add query parameters to any of the query types above.

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