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Query Type

This document explains how to use the Query Type option available in the Content tab of the Divi FilterGrid plugin.

The Divi FilterGrid plugin offers six query types:

  • Basic – The Basic query type is the default option and is limited to displaying posts in the grid and post categories in the filters.
  • Advanced – The Advanced query type allows you to display any custom post type in the grid and any taxonomy in the filters.
  • Archive Page – The Archive Page query type can be used on archive, category, author, and search pages.
  • Related Posts – The Related Posts query type will display posts with the same terms as the current post.
  • Manual – The Manual query type allows you to enter a comma-separated list of post or page IDs.
  • Custom – The Custom query type allows you to create your own complex query using a filter.

* Click on any of the query types above for more information about that type.

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