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This document explains how to set up search in the Divi FilterGrid plugin.

Divi FilterGrid has an option to display a search input above the grid of results, allowing users to search the results. You can also use Divi FilterGrid to display search results from the Divi search in the header or Divi search module.

Search Input

By default, Divi FilterGrid does not display a search input. You can turn the input on by going to the module’s Content tab -> Search section -> and turning on the “Activate Search” toggle. Once turned on, there are additional options to control the placeholder text, position in relation to the filters, and order by options.

The search works progressively with the filters. If a search is performed on a filtered set of results, the search will only apply to the filtered results.

Search Results Page

Divi has a template specifically for displaying the search results page when the Divi search module or header search is used. This page can be modified within the Divi -> Theme Builder -> Other -> Search Results template. To use Divi FilterGrid to display the search results, simply add the Divi FilterGrid module to the Search Results template and change the Query -> Query Type at the top of the Content tab to “Archive Page”.

Relevanssi Support

Since version 2.9, Divi FilterGrid now supports the Relevanssi search plugin. The new Relevanssi Support toggle can be found in the Search section of Divi FilterGrid’s settings. Turning this toggle on will display search results based on the Relevanssi index which is much more powerful and accurate compared to the built-in WordPress search results.

Search & Filter Pro Support

Since version 2.9, Divi FilterGrid also supports the Search & Filter Pro plugin.

Integration with this plugin is much more involved. Please view the Search & Filter Pro documentation.


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