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DP Owl Image Carousel – Add New Image

The DP Owl Image Carousel module has a Add New Image box at the top of the Content tab in the module settings. Clicking on this box will open a new window where you can add a new item to the carousel. The following options are available in the Add New Image settings:


IMAGE URL – Upload the image you would like to display in the carousel for this item.

OPEN IN LIGHTBOX – Choose whether this image will open in a lightbox when clicked.

USE ORIGINAL IMAGE – Turning this option on will load the original image instead of looking for the image thumbnail size set in the option below. If images are small and do not have a thumbnail in the size selected, this option will load the full size of the image. If your images are not displaying in the carousel, turn this option on.

LINK URL – If you would like your image to be a link, input your destination URL here. No link will be created if this field is left blank.

URL OPENS – Choose whether or not your link opens in a new window.

IMAGE TITLE – Image title displays below image

IMAGE CONTENT – The content added to this text editor will be displayed below the image and image title.

IMAGE ALTERNATIVE TEXT – This defines the HTML ALT text. A short description of your image can be placed here.

IMAGE TITLE TEXT –This defines the HTML Title text.

The Design tab gives you the option to add a box shadow.

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