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Custom Content

This document explains how to use the Custom Content option available in the Content tab of the Owl Carousel Pro plugin.

Turning on the Custom Content option will allow you to display custom content for each item in the carousel. This can be static content that is the same for each post item or dynamic content relative to each post. You can also display different custom content for different modules on the same page. Below we’ll show you how to use the filter for each of these scenarios.

Once the Custom Content option is enabled in the Owl Carousel Pro plugin, you’ll need to define the content you want displayed. This is done in your child theme’s functions.php file using the following filters.

Simple filter

The filter below is very basic and will apply to all Owl Carousel Pro modules that have the Custom Content option turned on.

Filter adding custom fields

This filter shows how you can output custom fields or other data specific to each post.

Dynamic content based on module CSS ID

Here we are showing how you can display different content based on the module’s CSS ID set in the Advanced tab of the module’s settings.

In addition to using the module’s ID, you can also use the module’s Admin Label or Class.

Admin Label – found at the bottom of the module’s Content tab:


Class – found at the top of the Advanced tab:


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