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Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types creates a new custom post type for your WordPress website. The custom post type created is a recipe but it is very simple to modify and change to any custom post type you would like.

Custom Post Types has been downloaded 3,799 times with an average customer rating of 3.7/5!

You will see two download options after adding this plugin to your account: the standard plugin which should be used with non-Divi WordPress themes and a Divi version. The Divi version adds the ability to use the Divi Page Builder when editing your new CPT!!

This is a simple plugin that creates a custom post type “Recipes” in WordPress. It also creates recipe categories called “Types” and adds the ability to add tags.

The plugin will work with any WordPress theme, not just Divi. It has been commented to explain what each line does so you can easily modify the plugin to create any post type. Seriously! You could literally replace the word “recipe” and “recipes” in this plugin with any other word and it would create YOUR custom post type.

There are lots of other custom post type plugins out there that do far more than this one, but also with a much larger footprint and resource hit to your site. If you just want to create a new custom post type and understand how it’s done, give it a shot. It’s easier than you think!


Average rating: 3.67 out of 5 stars
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  • Not easily customizable

    This just wasn’t as customizable as I expected based on the description. After working with this for 3-4 days, I gave up and found a better plugin.

    • Hi Teajai! I apologize for the confusion. This is a free plugin we created that you can download and edit with a text editor to create any custom post type you want. The purpose of the plugin is to simply provide an example of all of the code you would need to create a new custom post type. Again, I am sorry for the confusion.

  • One and only one post type?

    I did one for Instructors but my client has 3 more areas I would like to use the Filterguard for but I need 3 more post types to do that. Will I have to find somebody else’s plugin to do this? Or is there a way to create multiple post types?

    • Hi Randy! I responded to your email but received a mail delivery failed response. Can you please contact us from a different email address and I’ll do my best to help you with this?

  • Good but less than my expectation

    The custom field type only work with single ID. If there is many values, it will return the array instead of the values. I raised the ticket and am still awaiting for the response to this issue.

    Also the layout I am experiencing different layout than the screenshot

    • Hi Vy! Thank you for the feedback. We actually responded to your support ticket yesterday and are awaiting your response. Please log into your account and you should see our response. Thanks!

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