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Get Any Module

This module will get the first instance of any module from the current post and display it.

Modules require the Divi Module Importer plugin or the Divi Module Builder plugin (adds the ability to modify modules). Once either plugin is installed, modules can be easily imported and will become instantly available within the Divi Builder on any layout.

This module can be added to any Divi Library layout or Divi Theme Builder template if you only need to display specific modules from a post or custom post type. It can be used in conjunction with the new Popup Options available in the Divi FilterGrid plugin.

For example, Divi FilterGrid now allows you to choose a layout from your Divi Library to display the contents of the post from the grid in a popup window. You can add this module to the layout to get the first instance of any module from the post. Simply add the module to the layout and choose the module from the post content you want to display. The first instance of that module will be displayed in the popup.

You can also add the module multiple times to the same layout, choosing different modules from the post content you want to display. This will allow you to display the full content of the post when the post is viewed directly, but only a subset of content when viewed from the popup window.

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