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Portfolio Posts Pro

Portfolio Posts Pro adds custom modules that load posts and custom post types in the portfolio layouts. It also adds the option to open images in a lightbox, link to a custom URL, or open the post in a popup window. You can also display custom fields from each post!

Portfolio Posts Pro has been downloaded 7,142 times with an average customer rating of 4.6/5!
Current version - 4.1.9
Last updated - 10-5-2022
* Requires Divi 3.1 or higher

† All licenses include 1 year access to support and updates. Lifetime license includes lifetime access to support and updates.


The pro version of the Portfolio Posts plugin adds these great features:

  • NEW FEATURE: Custom Query option!
  • Open posts in a popup window
  • Filterable Posts
  • Uses custom modules in the Divi Page Builder (in place of shortcodes)
  • Option to open images in lightbox instead of linking to the post
  • Option to open a URL other than the post URL
  • Option to display the post content within a popup window
  • Option to display custom fields from each post

As if the free version wasn’t easy enough, the Pro version is even easier! It also gives you the added benefit of installing on client websites without having to explain how to use shortcodes. Simply add the module to your layout like you would any other module, customize it using the module settings, and you’re done.

Once the plugin is installed, you’ll find three new modules:

  • DP Fullwidth Blog
  • DP Filterable Blog
  • DP Blog Portfolio

If you experience any bugs, please relay them to me in the comments on the Documentation and Demo page or via email. Thank you!

* The plugin has been tested and is compatible with Divi 2.4 and later


Your license key can be accessed by logging into your account after purchase. Support and updates available for 1 year with standard license and lifetime with lifetime license. Unlimited installs on sites owned or developed by you.


Average rating: 4.59 out of 5 stars
37 reviews
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
  • Great Plugin / Support

    We use this for our sportclub-homepage and it´s great. The support-team is also very good, we have some trouble with a configuration and they solved it shortly. Thanks.

  • Wonderful plugin and support

    Such a handy plugin, allows you to feed through any post type including custom fields, the support is great too, I needed some additional help for a custom feed and they supplied the code which worked first time.

  • Praise!

    I am using this plugin on most of my Divi-sites. It is really versatile and useful. Where Divi lacks, Filtergrid comes to help. Also for CPT’s.
    The support is top notch. Brad surprises me every time I am asking for advice and is a true hero!

    Also using Filtergrid and now I got the lifetime bundle I am looking forward to expand the possibilities even further with the Module Builder / Importer and the Plugin Builder.

    My advice is to build the Lifetime bundle. It pays off.

    Highly recommended!

  • Great plugin!

    Very good plugin and exceptionally good support. Very happy with it!

  • Perfect

    Does exactly what it says and solves a problem! That is having a way to work with custom content and custom post types on the default Portfolio Divi module.
    Highly recommended!

  • Great plugin and even better support

    The functionality is so robust and ahead of the curve and any time I have a question support is highly responsive and always has been able to resolve any issues.

  • Incompatible with Divi v4.10X


    I just wanted to report that, since the recent update of Divi to v4.10 onwards the design, i.e. the icon being displayed upon hover, is broken.

    I deactivated all new, performance related features introduced this week. These were introduced to ensure utmost performance for the Google Ranking Update related to pageSpeed Insights:


    • Hi Mike! We just updated the plugin with a fix for this. Sorry for the delay but this was a major Divi update that affected all of our plugins. If you have any issues at all after updating, please create a support ticket and we’ll get it taken care of –

  • simple and efficient

    the plugin I needed to display all kinds of CPT
    with a bit of css in addition to set the margins in grid mode

  • Great Plugin

    Great Plugin, helped me achieve exactly what I wanted with the DP Filterable Blog Module.
    I am now wondering if there is an easy way to centre the filter section in the middle of the page, and to change the background colour of the filter section? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Kaitlin! Saw your support ticket and responded with a solution for you. Thank you for the great review!

  • Popup options?

    Hello, nice plugin, I would like to know if it’s possible to customize the popup, make it fullwidth and change the background’s opacity, exit button location & aspect.

  • Too expensive!

    Too expensive! it is a completely expendable luging. To work only the blog options there are other free options … anyway.

    • Hi Andrés. I’m sorry you feel this way about the plugin. I’m not sure what you mean “To work only the blog options…”. Portfolio Posts Pro will work with any custom post type and has many additional features compared to the default portfolio modules. I didn’t see any support tickets under your account. If you’re having issues with the plugin, please submit a ticket and we would be happy to help. We are also happy to refund if you are not satisfied with the plugin. Thanks!

  • Excellent Plugin and Support

    This plugin has been very helpful for filtering across multiple dimensions across multiple post types. When I was having trouble getting my custom query to work I submitted a ticket and Carlos was very helpful and responsive in resolving my ticket.

    Purchasing and using plugins usually makes me uneasy because you are usually putting a lot of faith in the developer to properly support the plugin, both in terms of keeping up with versions but also resolving issues in a timely manner. After my latest interactions with DiviPlugins I am feeling a lot better.

  • Content fast load

    Hello, great plugin. But I need faster content load in popup, without loader, without delay .. how can I set it please ? Thank you

    • Thanks Jakub! The popup does not have any artificial delay when loading the content. This will vary based on the speed of your server but the content in the popup should load the same as any other page on your site. It is possible to hide the loader but it will not speed up the content load. Removing it can actually cause confusion for visitors if your site is slow because they may think the popup is not loading content and will give up and close it. If you can create a ticket and share the URL of the page you’re having issues with, we would be happy to take a look –

  • Change ALL to ALLE

    Thank you for the great PlugIn!
    But Is there a possibility to change the word ALL to the german expression ALLE?
    Thanks, Lisa

  • Great plugin - Great support

    This worked great. Needed a few tweaks and support got back to me really fast with the exact code I needed. Thanks Guys

  • Grid layout control number of columns

    Can I control the number of columns of grid layout?
    We will use 5 columns instead of 4.
    Thanks in advance.


    Purchased 1 plugin and they delivered fast service as if I was their top n°1 customer. Really nice team and super helpful. The plugin itself was (portfolio post pro) was exactly what I was looking for and should definitely be an integral part of Divi!. Thanks again.

  • Very useful, great support and documentation

    I wanted to use the Portfolio Posts Pro plugin mainly to use the DP Filterable Blog module with custom types of data (not possible in Divi builder basic modules). Now I have a portfolio with custom Pod that works perfectly.
    More, Brad, as well as other team members, are always here to answer really fast any technical question I might have and give me satisfaction.
    Sometimes you do not even have to ask them because they have been creating a lot of documentation and blog articles on this website explaining how to do a lot of things you might want to do.
    For example this article: really helped me (super easy) to change the filter buttons into a dropdown list (I even managed to create two different dropdowns with two different kind of filters).
    Overall great plugin

  • Honestly... the best support and service I've come across - Highly recommended plugin

    Thank you Carlos for going the extra mile. I spent ages trying to find a solution of going back to the filter I was searching on and not back to ALL categories, I also required urls for the Filter categories in DIVI projects.

    Carlos immediately assisted me and patiently worked it all out for me.

    A great plugin and brilliant service.

  • fullwidth on many columns

    is there a way to make a fullwidth styled grid on many columns (i can only on one when I select the fullwidth layout)

    • Hi Cristiano. I’m not sure what you mean “make fullwidth grid on many columns”. Please submit a support ticket and with more details or a screenshot of the page layout you are trying to achieve and we can help solve your problem. Thanks!

  • great plugin !

    really helpful plugin

  • Handy plugin

    Great plugin, and awesome and friendly support!
    Using this on a news site with a handful of CPTs. Works like a charm!

  • This plugin saved me so much time

    What a great plug in. I had created a custom post type and needed a way for my client to easily insert them into a DIVI layouts based on different combinations of categories and tags. The SHOW CUSTOM CONTENT feature allowed me to easily customized the output based on ACF fields in the custom posts. Thanks.

  • Top Notch Plugin & Support

    I’ve been using this plugin for a while and it pretty much does exactly what I needed it to do, but after updating the plugin I had a few issues, the support on this site is absolutely amazing, they did not stop until my issue was resolved, love these guys, keep up the good work 🙂

  • top support!

    I like the Plugins very much! Portfolio Posts Pro is a very customable and comfortable way to Grid everything. –

    And the support is great!

    Thank you, alex

  • It did not work fine with me

    I added the plugin and changed the settings, but it always shows only “All” not the categories titles.

    I’m using it in an arabic website. I donnow what’s missing.

    • Hi Rony. Please contact us via support and with the URL of the site you are having issues with and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Saved Me So Much Time

    I bought this plugin because I was tired after hours and hours of writing custom code that wasn’t working. This is really useful for people using custom post types.

    My only wish is that it would let you check an entire custom taxonomy to display without having to individually click the items within that taxonomy (lets just say I have a lot).

    • Thanks Sydney for taking the time to leave a review! If you select the custom post type, it will actually automatically check all taxonomies for that CPT. Then you can uncheck any you do not want or leave them all checked. Or if you prefer, you can check individual taxonomies instead.

  • Great Plugin

    It does exactly what it says and it’s wonderful!
    I had been trying for days and I was going crazy!
    Thank you very much, great plugin!

  • Works great! Question about categories.

    The new filterable portfolio blog module in this plugin is fantastic.

    The challenge I’m having is setting up a portfolio blog module that shows only one category for one post type. I have “Posts” and “Reports” for example, and I want a blog that just shows entries where type = reports and category = poverty. But in the module, I only see the categories related to “Posts,” not “Reports.” I’m using CPT UI to get custom post types.

    • would it be possible to have multiple filters in the blog module?

    • Thank you for the review Matt! Please check your email so we can troubleshoot why your category isn’t displaying. Thank you.

  • Thank you

    I spent nearly an entire day researching how to make a client’s portfolio open in lightbox. I tried every single recommendation and hack I found on the ET forum, GitHub, TutsDirectory, even some random and obscure stuff I would have never tried under any other circumstance. Though I’m sure a lot of the recommendations worked with previous versions of Divi – they sure don’t now.
    Then, I found this plugin. I was skeptical because, like I said, nothing else had worked. It was $15 so I thought, “What the hell, why not give it a try.”
    I literally installed this plugin, clicked two buttons, and ended up with EXACTLY what I was looking for! My only regret in purchasing this plugin, is that I hadn’t found it before I wasted an entire day of my life.

  • Great plugin

    Great plugin 🙂 only issue I have is there’s no previous / next arrow on image popup.

  • Fantastic!

    Brad helped me through some issues I was having (operator error, not his plugin) and was very impressed that he was willing to help me out as much as he did. The plugin itself is fantastic and does exactly what i wanted it to do!

  • Smart

    Fills the gap smartly

  • This is how plugins should be done

    This is a great plugin – seamless integration with Divi – who ought to have this as part of their core. Support is also quick and helpful and happy to consider feature requests.

  • Life saver

    Works like a charm. What a life safer! Thank you!!

  • Perfecto

    Me he funcionado perfectamente! rápida instalación y sin problemas.

  • Great plugin

    Great plugin, does exactly what’s expected and what DIVI dis not include in the theme ? Happiness

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