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Where can I find my license key?

Your license key can be viewed within your account. Once logged in, you’ll see a list of previous purchases and a “View Licenses” link to the right of each purchase. After clicking this link, you’ll see your plugin and an orange key icon next to the plugin name. Click on this icon to reveal the license key for that plugin. Make sure you copy the entire license key.

Why won't my plugin activate?

When activating any plugin with your license key:

  1. Make sure you have copied the full key from your account.
  2. Paste the full key in the input box.
  3. Click the Save Changes button.
  4. After the page refreshes, click the Activate button.

If you have problems activating, please clear your browser’s cache and follow the above steps again.

Why won't my plugin update?

Check your account and make sure your license is active and has not expired. If your license is active but you are receiving an “unauthorized” error when updating the plugin, please follow the following steps:

  1. Go the the plugin’s license page
  2. Deactivate the license
  3. After the page has refreshed, activate the license again
  4. Try updating the plugin
Does the plugin work with any custom post type?

Yes, the plugin will work with any custom post type (events, testimonials, products, projects, etc.) and will also work with posts.

Why can't I see the new modules?

Unfortunately Elegant Themes has not released the API needed to integrate 3rd Party modules with the Visual Builder. It is due for release in Divi 3.1. In the meantime, modules are limited to use in the Divi Page Builder only. As soon as Divi 3.1 is released along with the API, we will integrate all modules in each of our plugins into the Visual Builder.

If you are unable to view our modules in the Divi Page Builder, try clearing your browser cache and try again.

Why aren't my images displaying in the carousel?

If some or all of your images are not displaying in the carousel, it’s likely because the image does not have a thumbnail for the size you set in the Design tab of the module. For example, if you set the Thumbnail Size option to 150 x 150 px but the image you uploaded to WordPress is only 50 x 50 px, the thumbnail will not exist. WordPress does not generate thumbnails for images smaller than the thumbnail size.

You can either change the Thumbnail Size option to a smaller size, or you can use the Original Size image option. This option tells the module to load the original image that was originally uploaded, instead of looking for a thumbnail to load. If your images are less than 150 x 150 (the default smallest thumbnail size in Divi), you should turn this option on. It is located just above the Thumbnail Size option in the standard carousel module and in the Content tab of the image carousel.

Why are my images blurry?

The carousel modules load a 400 x 284 px thumbnail image by default, the same size loaded in many of the default Divi modules. This is an ideal size if you have 5 carousel items per slide. If you decrease the number of items per slide to two for example, the images will get bigger to fill the space left by the three that were removed. Each image would fill half of the container the carousel was placed in. In this case, you would probably want to increase the size of the thumbnail. You can do this using the Thumbnail Size option in the Design tab. If you can’t find a thumbnail size that works, you can turn on the Original Size option located just above the Thumbnail Size option in the standard carousel module and in the Content tab of the image carousel. This option tells the module to load the full image that was originally uploaded, instead of looking for a thumbnail to load.

Some of my categories are not listed in the modules

If you have recently added a post type and/or category but are unable to see them in the Owl Carousel modules, you can click on the reddish/orange “Refresh Post Types and Categories” button in the module. This will update the CPTs and categories in the module.

If you are still unable to see your post type or category, it is likely because:

  • The category is empty. Categories will only display in the modules if the category contains a post or custom post type. Empty categories will NOT display.
  • You need to clear your browser’s cache. Some hosts have aggressive caching and will cache the post type and category results in the modules. Clear the cache of the browser you’re using to log into WordPress. Once cleared, you will need to log back in and should see your new categories.
WP Rocket Lazy Load feature is breaking the carousel

The Owl Carousel Pro plugin is not compatible with the WP Rocket Lazy Load feature. You can follow the instructions in this tutorial to keep this feature enabled for your site but disable it for carousel images only.

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