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Divi FilterGrid

The Most Powerful Filterable Grid for Divi


The Divi FilterGrid plugin is in a league of its own – built on the powerful and flexible CSS Grid system to give you complete control of how your posts and custom post types are displayed in Divi. Nearly everything can be easily configured right from within the module’s settings. If you’re a developer looking for advanced customization, we’ve added several hooks for you to modify the query, filters and output. Divi FilterGrid is great for both developers and personal use!

Content Features

Choose the content you want displayed in the grid.


Post Types

Display any custom post type: posts, projects, products, events, testimonials, etc.


Choose which posts from each post type you want to display.


Choose which taxonomies should be used for filtering: categories, tags, custom taxonomies.



Give site visitors more control of the results by adding a search box.



Choose which elements you want to display: featured image, title, meta, excerpt, custom fields, etc.

Display Features

Choose how to display your content.


Choose from multiple layout options: grid, list, fullwidth, none.


Choose from multiple skins to instantly change the appearance of the layout and grid items.


Define the number of columns to display for desktop, tablet and phone.



Define the gap between each column and row for desktop, tablet and phone.


Utilize the power of CSS Grid to easily change the order of item elements.

Multiple Skins Instantly Change the Appearance

Preview available skins below

Camping Under the Stars

Camping Under the Stars

Proin tristique sem vitae diam tristique suscipit. Sed luctus ...
Sun Peaking Behind Mountains

Sun Peaking Behind Mountains

Nullam purus risus, varius eu ex bibendum, vestibulum commodo ...
Coffee and Dessert

Coffee and Dessert

Morbi mollis porta volutpat. Vivamus nisl nulla, facilisis id ...
Orange and Pinapple Fruit

Orange and Pinapple Fruit

Proin tristique sem vitae diam tristique suscipit. Sed luctus ...
Sunset on the Beach

Sunset on the Beach

Fusce mollis, lectus eget malesuada finibus, elit lectus ...
Music Concert

Music Concert

Nulla facilisi. Morbi in rhoncus mi. Nullam euismod tempor orci, ...
Surfing the Barrel

Surfing the Barrel

Mauris pretium urna eu urna tincidunt venenatis. Morbi ...


Vestibulum ut quam id nibh commodo auctor. Phasellus eleifend ...
Couple on Cliff Edge

Couple on Cliff Edge

Donec aliquet a sem at dictum. Fusce euismod eros justo, non ...
Deep Turtle

Deep Turtle

Quisque tempus blandit libero, quis egestas magna lacinia sed. ...
Two Butterflies, One Flower

Two Butterflies, One Flower

Cras lectus quam, feugiat eu faucibus vitae, consectetur sed ...
Puffin Bird

Puffin Bird

Nullam mollis arcu ut urna dictum, eget pellentesque elit ...


We work hard for our 5-star reviews!
This is a fantastic plugin and is a must for your Divi toolbox. Having been a user of Portfolio Posts Pro since 2017 I had no hesitation in going for the additional features Divi FilterGrid offered as I knew it would not disappoint. Being able to easily customise so many elements is fantastic and having made a recent feature request which has been added to the plugin, what more could you ask for!

The quality and functionality of their plugins together with the phenomenal support make it a joy to work with Divi Plugins. Would totally recommend without hesitation.

– Maria
This is a great plugin! I love the fact that you can use it with custom post types and custom fields. The plugin is very versatile and very customizable. It enabled me to even change the order of elements as title, meta and content exactly the way i wanted.

And the support from Divi Plugins is the best and fastest i ever had from a plugin builder!

– Diana
Since I’ve been working with Divi Filtergrid, I’m really appreciating all of the customization you’ve built into it. It’s fantastic! I’ve been looking so long for something that does all of this – custom fields, changing the amounts of columns based on device, all of the css options. Super great. Thanks for your work!
– Joni
Wow. Just wow. This plugin has everything I needed and then some, very customizable and works great. Not to mention amazing support — I had a very specific need to display images, video, and audio in a popup gallery, and their support staff (Carlos) worked through this with me patiently and supplied CSS and a custom function to make this all play nicely together. I can’t recommend this plugin, and Divi Plugins’ support, highly enough.
– Robert


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