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Custom Divi Modules

Need a custom Divi module? We have several affordable and reliable options for custom Divi modules.

Looking to turn your idea for a custom module for Divi into reality? Look no further! We have the experience and tools you need to create your custom modules and several options that will fit your budget.

Custom Divi Module Options

You’re here because you need a custom Divi module that is affordable, reliable, and easy for you or your clients to use. Regardless of your budget, we have several options for you to build your own custom Divi module or hire us to create one for you.

Divi Module Builder

Our first option is the most affordable. The Divi Module Builder plugin was created to give Divi users the ability to create their own custom Divi modules. If you’re familiar with HTML, CSS, and maybe a little PHP and Javascript/jQuery, this plugin might be the perfect fit for you.

The Divi Module Builder provides a user interface that makes it easy to add your own module fields, settings and custom code. Once you’re finished adding your fields and code, the module will automatically appear in the Divi Builder. You could create a custom Divi module in less than 5 minutes. Seriously!

Click one of the buttons below to learn more about the Divi Module Builder.

Build Custom Divi Modules

Divi Module Builder

Save money and create your own custom Divi Modules!

Divi Plugin Creator

Easily export your custom Divi modules into a full WP plugin!

Custom Modules

Have a look at our existing collection of custom Divi modules!

Hire Us to Create Your Custom Divi Modules

We’ve been building custom Divi modules since 2014, shortly after Divi was released! After five years, thousands of lines of code and over three dozen custom Divi modules built, we’ve learned a thing or two about developing custom modules for Divi. If you’re not comfortable using our Divi Module Builder plugin to create a custom Divi module, hire us to do it for you! We provide several options depending on your budget.

Option One – $45/hr

The fastest, easiest and most cost-effetive way to create custom modules in Divi is to use our Divi Module Builder. With the help of our plugin, we can create a custom module far quicker than if we were to create one from scratch. This option requires the purchase of a Divi Module Builder license. Once the module is created exactly to your needs, we maintain the right to keep it as is or alter it and add it to our existing collection of modules for other users to download for free from our site.

Option one is a great way to have a custom module built at an affordable price. It also helps other Divi users who want or need the same functionality your custom module provides. Everyone wins!

Option Two – $75/hr

We understand in certain circumstances you or your client will need to retain the rights to the custom module we build. We are happy to provide this option, but at a higher rate.

With option two, we will still create your custom module using our Divi Module Builder plugin just like option one. The difference is that you will own the custom module outright. We will NOT have any rights to the custom module and will not give it away for free on our website.

Option Three – $95/hr

If you prefer to have your custom Divi module built from scratch, without using the Divi Module Builder, we are also happy to provide this as a service. This option requires a $125 inital fee for setup in addition to the hourly rate to tailor the module to your needs. Option three also gives you full rights to the module/plugin.

Please fill out the form below to have us create a custom Divi module for you and choose the option that best fits your needs.

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