A NEW and easy way to display posts and custom post types!

The Owl Carousel Pro plugin adds a new module to the Divi Page Builder, adding the ability to display any post or custom post type in a carousel. Similar to other Divi post modules, you can adjust the layout within the module options. The Pro version of the plugin include all of the options from the free version:

  • how many posts you want to display in the carousel
  • how many posts you want to offset
  • display title, category, date, and excerpt
  • automatically rotate through the carousel and define rotation speed

It also includes these advanced options:

  • display any custom post type from within the module options
  • create a complex custom query using a filter
  • load the featured image in a lightbox when clicked
  • control the featured image thumbnail size for square or portrait
  • control the number of images displayed per rotation
  • control the space between each image
  • display custom fields

Owl Carousel Pro displaying WooCommerce products and _price custom field

The carousel below is displaying the WooCommerce custom post types “Products” using basic options set in the carousel:

  • Display Title
  • Five images per slide
  • Automatic Rotate
  • Rotate every 5 seconds
  • Medium arrow and control size (small and large available)
  • Open the post when clicked

Owl Carousel displaying single item with thumbnail navigation

The carousel below uses thumbnail navigation in place of the control dots. We are limiting the featured image to a single image and centering it above the thumbnails.

Displaying single category with custom field

The carousel below is displaying posts from a single category “Staff”. We could have displayed the same carousel had the staff posts been custom post types rather than a blog category. We are also loading a custom field from each post and displaying it below the post title and opening the image in a lightbox rather than opening the staff post.

Displaying results from a custom query

The carousel below is displaying posts Using the Custom Query option in the module. With this feature, you can query anything you want!!! To use this feature, return an array of query arguments to the following filter:

The filter defaults to displaying the ten most recent blog posts. If these are the only results you can get using the Custom Query option, your filter or arguments are not set up correctly.

Displaying images selected from library and pointing to a custom URL

The carousel below was created using the Owl Carousel Image module. Instead of loading posts or custom post types, the image module lets you upload images from your library into a carousel. You can also add an image title and display anything below the title using the text editor. We also changed the default five images to eight for desktop, five for tablet, and one for mobile. And we changed the default arrow and control sizes from medium to small.

Displaying images selected from library with content

The carousel below was also created using the Owl Carousel Image module. This time instead of just loading images, we are also loading content below each image which can be added to each image item.

Custom Query Option

We’ve included a Custom Query option within the module. Turning this option on will give you the ability to create any complex query you want using a filter. Click here for more information and examples.

A NEW and easy way to display posts and custom post types!

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