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Divi Plugins Owl Carousel Pro

Owl Carousel Pro

The Power of Owl Carousel in Divi

Carousel your Website

The Owl Carousel Pro plugin adds the power of the popular Owl Carousel into WordPress and the Divi theme. Need to create a carousel of posts? Projects? Products? Testimonials? Images? Owl Carousel Pro can handle all of that and more! Display any custom post type or image in a carousel. With advanced display options available, the possibilities are endless!

Content Features

Choose the content you want displayed in the carousel.


Post Types

Display any custom post type: posts, projects, products, events, testimonials, etc.


Display featured images, images from your WordPress library or add them right from within the module.


Choose which posts from each post type you want to display.



Choose which elements you want to display: featured image, title, meta, excerpt, custom fields, etc.

Carousel Features

Choose which options to enable in the carousel.

Carousel Options

Lots of options including auto rotate, rotation direction, items per rotation, arrow and dot navigation.

Carousel Items

Display as many items in the carousel as you want and 1-20 items visible at the same time.

Thumbnail Navigation

Replace bottom dot navigation with actual thumbnails of the images in the carousel.

Lightbox Gallery

Display each image in a lightbox popup or all images from the carousel in a lightbox gallery.

Carousel of Posts

Camping Under the Stars Sun Peaking Behind Mountains Coffee and Dessert Orange and Pinapple Fruit Sunset on the Beach Music Concert Surfing the Barrel Fireworks Couple on Cliff Edge Deep Turtle Two Butterflies, One Flower Puffin Bird Bald Eagle Rhinoceros Wolf Lying in Snow Deer Eating Grass

single category with custom field

The carousel below is displaying posts from a single category “Staff”. We could have displayed the same carousel had the staff posts been custom post types rather than a blog category. We are also loading a custom field from each post and displaying it below the post title and opening the image in a lightbox rather than opening the staff post.

Custom Query

The carousel below is displaying posts Using the Custom Query option in the module. With this feature, you can query anything you want!!! To use this feature, return an array of query arguments to the following filter:

The filter defaults to displaying the ten most recent blog posts. If these are the only results you can get using the Custom Query option, your filter or arguments are not set up correctly.

Images selected from library and pointing to a custom URL

The carousel below was created using the Owl Carousel Image module. Instead of loading posts or custom post types, the image module lets you upload images from your library into a carousel. You can also add an image title and display anything below the title using the text editor. We also changed the default five images to eight for desktop, five for tablet, and one for mobile. And we changed the default arrow and control sizes from medium to small.

Carousel Your Website!

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