How do I update the plugin?

Currently there is no way to update the plugin from the WordPress dashboard. You’ll need to log into your account and download the latest version. Once downloaded, delete the plugin from your site and install and activate the new version. You can also upload the new version via FTP.

Does the plugin work with any custom post type?

Yes, the plugin will work with any custom post type(events, testimonials, products, projects, etc.) and will also work with posts.

Some of my categories are not listed in the modules

If you have recently added a category to your posts or custom post types and do not see the category in the Portfolio Posts Pro modules, it is likely because:

a) The category is empty. Categories will only display in the modules if the category contains a post or custom post type. Empty categories will NOT display.
b) You need to clear your browser’s cache. Some hosts have aggressive caching and will cache the category results in the modules. Clear the cache of the browser you’re using to log into WordPress. Once cleared, you will need to log back in and should see your new categories.

My images do not look quite right

The plugin works similar to the default portfolio modules and displays Divi’s 400 x 284 thumbnails. We always recommend uploading 800 x 600 images. This creates an aspect ratio of 1.33. As long as you maintain or get close to this aspect ratio, your images should look fine.

If you would prefer to use square or portrait images, you can follow this tutorial.

Some of my pages are taking a long time to load

For most situations, the output created by the plugin’s modules will load just fine. In extreme situations when the module is outputting 100’s of items, you will want to install a caching plugin. We recommend using WP Super Cache, which is developed and maintained by the same group that maintains WordPress. It is very reliable and the least likely caching plugin to cause any conflicts. We do NOT recommend using W3 Total Cache as it is known to conflict with Portfolio Posts Pro.

Can I use the lighbox feature to load a gallery of images?

The lightbox option only works for a single image. BUT, you can use the Popup option to achieve this. Create a post and add an image gallery to the post content. Now in the module, make sure you turn the popup option on. When a user clicks on the post, the gallery will load in the popup.

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